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Someone or some business owes you money.


You took that entity to court and a judge ordered them to pay you.


To get your money you need to locate assets and file a “Writ” of execution.


Now you have options to enforce your Judgment.

Statewide Business Bank Search

4.75 out of 5
(4 customer reviews)

From $595.00

You Supply: Business name, current address or last known address, FEIN (if available)
We Return: Bank Account(s) Located with Bank Name(s), Address, Type of Account
Pricing Details:

  • There is a $95 fee retained if there is no active accounts under name & FEIN provided.
  • If FEIN is not supplied there is an additional non-refundable $95 to obtain the business FEIN.









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When it comes to Statewide Business Bank Searches, Writ Ready stands alone. We will find a person’s business bank account information and have you well on your way to obtaining a writ of execution in no time. There are few options when it comes to making yourself whole after a judgment. Executing a writ of execution to levy your judgment debtor’s business bank account is the most cost effective and efficient option. This process used to take months, even years, to process before internet based databases came around. Luckily, professional services offered by companies like Writ Ready are now available for anyone to use. Recovering a large loss can be detrimental to anyone, but making yourself whole after receiving a court judgment doesn’t have to involve debt collectors or collection agencies.

What is a Statewide Business Bank Search?

A Statewide Business Bank Search from Writ Ready is the best way to find an individual’s business bank’s name, address, and type of account in a specific state. We include ALL Business banks located in the state requested with the bank’s name, address, and type of account. Our professionals take pride in our client’s Statewide Business Bank Searches and fulfill every request as quickly as possible to ensure our client’s satisfaction. If you need to find the business bank associated with a judgment debtor, use a Statewide Business Bank Search from Writ Ready for 100% accurate results.

How much does it cost for a Statewide Business Bank Search?

A Statewide Business Bank Search from Writready costs $495. In addition, we need the FEIN (Tax ID) for the businesses to research, if you do not have the FEIN or it is left blank – then a non-refundable $95 fee must be added to the order for us to obtain the FEIN. If you need constant Statewide Business Bank Searches, contact our friendly customer support staff for further information. Working with clients from every type of industry is our speciality. Feel free to contact our team 24/7 and we will quickly respond to your questions and concerns.

Who offers Statewide Business Bank Searches?

There are a variety of outlets online that claim to offer Statewide Business Bank Searches, but none of them offer the same 100% guarantee that Writ Ready offers. Our professionals make sure to get the information correct for all of our client’s searches. You can rest easy knowing the team at Writ Ready is finding the information you need to file your writ of execution against your judgment debtor.

Writ Ready is your go-to source for 100% accurate Statewide Business Bank Searches. We help clients get the information they need for their judgments on a daily basis. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and ability to provide a quick turn around time and provide 100% accurate results. When it comes to Statewide Business Bank Searches, Writ Ready has you covered. Get it right the first time and save yourself time, stress, and money by using the professionals at Writ Ready.

FEIN = Federal Employer Identification Number, Basically the Business Tax ID Number

What is a FEIN?

FEIN is an abbreviation for Federal Employer Identification Number.  This is the equivalent to a person’s Social Security Number, however, For Businesses they MUST have a Federal Tax ID that IS NOT the business owners social security number Exception: If Business is a simple dba under the individuals name and is NOT a Corporation, LLC, or other legal business entity, then the owners social security number will be acceptable.

What If I Don’t Have the Businesses FEIN?

If you do not have the FEIN for any of our Business Bank Searches, WritReady can obtain that for you for an additional fee. (see search page)

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4 reviews for Statewide Business Bank Search

  1. 4.75 out of 5

    Steve S.

    “I never thought I would have to use a service like this but it worked and I am glad it did because I needed the banking information of a business I won against in court. I never knew it was this easy and if I had to do it again I would use Writready.”

  2. 4.75 out of 5

    Janice T.

    “My lawyer told me to use online services to help me with my judgment. I found Writready and they helped me get through the process without a hassle. Here is my review.”

  3. 4.75 out of 5

    Mary D.

    “First off, let me tell you how I got into this situation. I had to sue a well named local business because I slip and fell due to their negligence. I won the court case and they owed me a substantial amount of money. But when it came time to collect, they kept throwing up excuses about how the owner of the company had just died and money was tight and and and and. It got to the point that I had no choice but to look at debt collectors. By the time I finished my research, I found out that they would take the majority of my money if the money is ever recovered in the first place. Then, I found Boy was I happy. I used their provided information to find my path to a writ of execution against the local business. By the time the first payment hit my bank account, the owner contacted me to work out a payment plan for the remaining balance. Thank you so much Writready.”

  4. 4.75 out of 5

    Justin W.

    “Statewide Business Bank Search from Writready was a real life saver for me. I had looked all over the place for someone to help me find out the banking information of a company I received a judgment against. They helped me out and got me what I needed. Grade A service.”

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