Judgment Recovery Made Easy

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Receiving a judgment from the court is only the beginning of your journey to recover what is owed. The courts do not wave a magic wand and assets owed do not suddenly appear in your accounts. The court’s leave this job up to you and any third party you might hire to legally recover the owed assets. In the past, debt collectors and collection agencies were the go-to service providers for judgment recovery, but those times have gone. Now, the best way to recover a judgment is to use a writ of execution and reclaim 100% of the owned assets. When dealing with collection agencies and debt collectors, you can expect to lose up to 50% of the owned assets. Avoid using these service providers like the plague because you will be stuck once you sign their contracts.

What is the easiest way to recover a judgment?

The easiest way to recover a judgment is to use online investigatory services from companies like Writ Ready. The reason you want to use online services is because their success rate has skyrocketed in the past 10 years and due to this, the entire investigatory industry has been turned on its head. Going online to recover a judgment has never been easier, and the cost savings are immense when compared to traditional investigatory services. It really is a no brainer when you compare the costs.

How much does it cost to recover a judgment?

Recovering a judgment is a simple task, but there are multiple components with varying prices. In order to recover a judgment, you will need a writ of execution issued from the courts. In order to get this writ of execution, you need the bank account information of the person the judgment was made(Judgment Debtor). This information is not freely available, but there are online services that can provide this information for a nominal fee. Luckily, this method is extremely streamlined compared to other options for recovering a court ordered judgment(debt collectors, collection agencies, private investigators).

Whom should I contact to recover a judgment?

If you have received a judgment from the court, and the judgment debtor has refused to pay past the deadline, contact the professionals at Writ Ready. We may be a little biased, but the truth of the matter is that the professionals at Writ Ready have the necessary years of experience, the right tools to thoroughly investigate judgment debtors, and our prices are unbeatable for the services rendered. We make the choice easy and will answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding Judgment Recovery.

There is no point using a collection agency or debt collector in the year 2017. Modern systems have advanced to the point that if your judgment debtor has assets available for recovery from a judgment, you can acquire a writ of execution and reclaim the assets yourself. Courts recognize the difficulty of dealing with a judgment debtor who ignores court orders, and that is why they rely on information provided to them by trusted third party service providers like Writ Ready. Our professionals know what specific information the courts need in order to process a writ of execution. Save time, money, and stress by using Writ Ready.