Judgment, Recovery, Collection

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Receiving a judgment from the courts is not the final destination in your quest to make yourself whole and get the money or assets you are owed. After the courts have ruled in your favor, money will not instantly appear in your bank account. Owed assets will not appear in your name. You have to recover specific information and then file a writ of execution to get what you are owed after a judgment. Once a writ of execution has been filed, you may collect the funds or assets owed to you by levying your judgment debtor’s bank account and/or financial institution for the amount or assets owed. Relying on the courts alone will not make you whole. You will be made whole only by working with an investigatory service like Writ Ready.

What is Judgment, Recovery, Collection?

It is a simple way to describe the method of making yourself whole when you take financial issues to court. The first step is to receive a judgment from the court where you are located. This judgment allows you to pursue the necessary funds from your judgment debtor(person who owes you money). After you have received a judgment, you must recover the necessary information to pursue collection. Use a professional investigatory service provider to dig through financial databases in order to find the information needed. Once recovered, it is time to collect on your judgment.

How do I go about Collecting on a Judgment?

To collect your judgement, file a writ of execution with the court and bank/financial institution of your judgment debtor. You will then gain the ability to levy your judgment debtor’s bank account/ financial institution for owed amount. The quickest way to do this is to hire a company like Writ Ready to do the legwork of investigating and getting your writ of execution well on its way to being served to the bank or financial institution of your judgment debtor. Once served, you will gain all funds owed to you found within any bank account(s) owned by your judgment debtor. If the account(s) do not have the full amount of what is owed, you may levy the account again at a later date for the remaining debt.

Is there an easy Judgment, Recovery, Collection solution?

Writ Ready is an easy judgment, recovery, and collection solution. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to walk you through the entire process of how to get a judgment, to obtaining a writ of execution, and finally collecting on your judgment. Avoid paying a large amount of your judgment to collection agencies or debt collectors by doing it yourself. The process is easy and with Writ Ready by your side, almost fool proof. Keep ALL the money you are owed from your judgment.

Getting the money you are owed sometimes means you have to go to court to force the other party to pay. Once a judgment has been reached by the courts, there is not much else to do, right? Wrong. If the judgment debtor does not immediately start paying the amount owed, there is a high probability they are ignoring you and the court’s judgment. In these cases, it is time to get a judgement, recover necessary information, and collect what you are owed.