Judgment Enforcement

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Enforcing a judgment is not an instant resolution. The courts do not have ever reaching power to enforce every judgment they make, especially when it comes to financial judgments. For financial judgments, the court’s leave matters of enforcement up to you. The common solution is to outsource your judgment enforcement to a debt collector or collection agency. Either of these choices work over time, but the majority of your judgment will be shared with them(up to 50%). There are other options when it comes to judgment enforcement, and the best option of them all is to enforce the judgment yourself with a writ of execution.

How do you Enforce a Judgment?

There are multiple ways to enforce a judgment from the courts, but the most efficient and effective way to enforce a judgment is with a writ of execution. Debt collectors and collection agencies claims fall short when it comes time to collect on your judgment because they take a long amount of time and a large portion for their services. However, when it comes to a writ of execution, you can enjoy keeping 100% of your judgment. Why would you use any other method to enforce your judgment? The only answer is that you didn’t have time to find out about service providers like Writ Ready.

Do I have to Enforce a Judgment or are there people/businesses that help with that?

There are people/businesses that will help you enforce your judgment, but you can also enforce your judgment yourself. In almost all cases, it is more beneficial to enforce your judgment yourself, rather than let a person/business take a cut of the judgment. The work involved has gone away thanks to the online investigatory services like Writ Ready. In the past, it would take months and specialized private investigators to track down necessary information for a writ of execution.

How much does it cost to Enforce a Judgment?

It depends on which method you choose to enforce your judgment. If you use collection agencies or debt collectors, you can expect to share up to 50% of your judgment with them after tracking down and locating the funds. If you enforce your judgment yourself, you can expect to keep 100% of the judgment because you will have no middlemen to pay for their services. People avoid enforcing judgments by themselves because they claim the process is complicated and takes work to accomplish. These excuses are no longer valid thanks to companies like Writ Ready. Enforcing your judgment yourself has never been easier.

Judgment enforcement is not as difficult as debt collectors and collection agencies make it out to be because you can enforce a court ordered judgment yourself. Why split a percentage of the judgment with a middleman when you can receive 100% of the judgment yourself? There really is no excuse for using debt collectors or collection agencies when there are online services available from Writ Ready that get you all necessary information for a writ of execution. Before the internet, debt collectors and collection agencies were the only solution. Now, you can do their job yourself.