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Someone or some business owes you money.


You took that entity to court and a judge ordered them to pay you.


To get your money you need to locate assets and file a “Writ” of execution.


Now you have options to enforce your Judgment.

About Writ Ready

We are experts in locating Financial Assets & Active Employment Information. Our team of experts has over 30 years specializing in the location of hard to find assets to satisfy Judgments in all 50 states. The investigations include active employer information, for wage garnishment (check your State); bank account levy, safety deposit boxes, money markets, certificates of deposits, brokerage accounts, real property, motor vehicles, watercraft and aircrafts.

All investigations are conducted behind the scenes.
The investigators have NO contact with the subject.

Our team is led by our founder Patrick Baird; He revolutionized the check guarantee market in the ‘80s, owning the nation’s largest non-electronic check guarantee company; Owned three collection agencies, California, Nevada and now Texas; Was the pioneer (using his database of check data), to successfully create and introduce the world to the electronic check presentment process in the 90’s; Developed the curriculum and taught Collection Practices, Skip Tracing & FDCPA compliance to people on disability through an accredited college he founded in the 90’s.

Now a licensed Private Investigator for the last 15 years (Texas/Colorado); His company is the leader in supplying factual information to other Investigators, Data brokers, mainly for the Private Investigation Market for the last 20 years. We have conducted over sixty five thousand skip trace, asset trace, employment locate assignments, mostly on behalf of other private investigators, judgment creditors, skip tracers, process servers, collection agencies, attorneys, insurance companies, just to name a few of the industries we service.

Writ Ready takes pride in its Culture of Excellence. As such, our clients have come to expect outstanding performance and exceptional service. We have earned our exemplary industry reputation by recruiting the industry’s top talent and providing them with outstanding training. Our team of tenured professionals is retained by providing them with the optimal work environment, competitive compensation, incentives and ongoing motivation. Writ Ready is fully compliant and remain devoted to all State laws, Federal laws and Collection practices regulations.


We appreciate your privacy, please be assured that our communication with you (or client) is confidential. We will not release your information nor will we send unsolicited email or mail to you. In fact the only time you will hear from us is when you need our help. We are happy to return our results by email, fax or mail.