How to Collect Money After Winning a Judgment

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Collecting after a judgment is not as simple as people think, but it is easy for professionals who have years of experience. Money does not instantly transfer from the judgment debtor’s bank account into your bank account. The courts do not have this power and leave it up to the winner of the judgment to fend for themselves in regards to collection. It is understandable not knowing how to collect money after winning a judgment, thankfully, there are seasoned professionals online to help. Debt collectors and collection agencies are the first thought of judgment winners because they are marketed the most heavily, but there are other options. The better solution to collecting money after winning a judgment is to file a writ of execution with your judgment debtors banking institution.

Does the money come as a check after winning a judgment?

Collecting on a judgment is not always as easy as receiving a check in the mail. Judgment debtors are notorious for avoiding payments, even after a judgment has been made against them. Courts have little to no ability to seek out and find the necessary information to levy a judgment debtor’s bank account, but once a judgment is made, that ability is left to the judgment winner.

Are there specific ways to collect money after winning a judgment?

Yup. There are many options when it comes to collecting money after winning a judgment, but each situation is different and requires a different method. In some cases, your judgment debtor may pay before the deadline of the judgment has arrived. In other cases, your judgment debtor will avoid paying even after a judgments deadline has come and passed. In these situations, it is best to go straight for the bank account and use a writ of execution against your judgment debtor.

Whom should I use to collect money after winning a judgment?

If your judgment debtor has avoided paying passed the judgment deadline, use Writ Ready to get the necessary information for a writ of execution. Then levy your judgment debtor’s bank account for the entirety of the amount owed. The professionals at Writ Ready offer additional services that help divulge banking institution information if you suspect your judgment debtor has additional bank accounts, or business accounts, holding money/assets owed.

When it comes to collecting on the money owed after judgment, it depends on your given situation to figure out the best solution. Of course, you want to be made whole as quickly as possible, but if a judgment debtor avoids paying even after a judgment is made, the solution is to execute a writ of execution with information gained using the services at Writ Ready. We are experts at searching banking information and will return 100% accurate results for your banking search. Get the money you are owed after a judgment with Writ Ready.