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Someone or some business owes you money.


You took that entity to court and a judge ordered them to pay you.


To get your money you need to locate assets and file a “Writ” of execution.


Now you have options to enforce your Judgment.

Compliance Guarantee

  • 100% legal, affordable and accurate! Each request is hand-searched by licensed investigators.
  • Our business has done this since 1997!! Over 20 years of experience and we have developed only the best tools to get things done for our clients.
  • We have access to protected information usually reserved for law enforcement and those with proper credentials.
  • We comply with all State and Federal laws, financial privacy laws and regulations.
  • In 1999 Congress enacted the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), which specifically prohibits obtaining, or even attempting to obtain, another person’s financial information by making false, fictitious or fraudulent statements to a financial institution or the customer of a financial institution.
  • GLB Act, FCRA, FDCPA compliance is paramount to our policies & procedures, thus, protecting our clients from ROGUE data brokers that put you and your search at risk.
  • The GLB Act does not prohibit bank searches; it just makes pre-texting financial institutions & consumers unlawful. Our investigators use several methods while identifying assets, serving this industry for over 20 years.
  • We guarantee our results to be true and accurate. If there is ever an issue, we will gladly recheck our work FREE of charge (within 30 days upon receipt of search results).

Other Providers:

  • Most often, other providers are not licensed investigators; they’re information brokers.
  • Other providers only have access to public records and search only neighborhood banks.
  • You could be held liable for how these services obtain your information and they rarely carry any insurance for errors and omissions to protect their actions and clients.
  • These “Rogue Data Brokers” normally set-up shop for a while and are gone after they take your money.
  • No other source will be as thorough and stand behind each search like
  • They have no credentials or affiliations to associations that are there to protect the clients.