Employment Locate for Judgment Enforcement

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You need employment information in order to obtain/serve a writ of execution on the employer of your judgment debtor. After receiving a judgment from the courts, you are legally allowed to perform an employment locate on your judgment debtor if the deadline for payment has passed. You can then obtain a writ of execution from the courts once finding out the employment information of your judgment debtor. The courts will either approve or deny your writ of execution. Once approved, you will be able to serve the employer of your judgment debtor in order to garnish their wages.

How do I locate someone’s employer for Judgment Enforcement?

You can locate someone’s employer for judgment enforcement by using an employment look-up from online service providers like PDJ Services or similar service providers. The majority of online employment lookup service providers will ask for specific information before performing an employer search, however, if you have received a judgment from the courts, you will have all the necessary information already. Obtaining a writ of execution is a breeze with online investigatory service providers.

Is it legal to go after a Judgment Debtor’s Employer?

Absolutely. In essence, your judgment debtor’s employer took a risk by hiring your judgment debtor. If your judgment debtor is receiving a paycheck, and is not respecting the court ordered judgment, you have the right to go above your judgment debtor and make his employer garnish his paycheck to meet the necessary debt. Dealing with a judgment debtor is a lost cause and can only end once the debt has been paid in full. Avoid the judgment debtor and go straight to their bank account(s) and paycheck(s).

If my Judgment Debtor is employed, why haven’t they paid up?

There could be any number of reasons why an employed judgment debtor is not paying their debts, but none of them really matter. The only thing that matters is that you get paid what is legally owed to you. In most cases, you will have to go above your judgment debtor with a writ of execution in order to make yourself whole because judgment debtors are notorious for ignoring the person they owe money/assets and the courts. It is only natural for them to continue to avoid their responsibilities if it has already been taken to court.

Waiting for a judgment debtor to pay their owed debt after ignoring a court ordered judgment is a waste of time. Go above your judgment debtor and garnish their wages to enforce the judgment. You have the power to garnish your judgment debtor’s wages if they ignore the court ordered judgment. Do not let this power go to waste. Get what you are rightfully owed without having to deal with your judgment debtor directly. Companies like Writ Ready are available online to provide the necessary information to obtain a writ of execution from the courts. They take the work out of filing a writ.