Commercial Judgment Recovery

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Rejoice! You have won your case and have received a judgment against a commercial entity. Now, what do you do? The court’s leave you to your own devices in order to recover your judgment, and this includes commercial entities. Nothing is worse than winning a judgment, then not being able to collect any of the assets you are owed because the commercial entity falls off the face of the earth. Do not let them get away with your assets, commercial entities are targets for writs of executions as much as individuals. Go after your assets by going directly for the commercial entities bank accounts.

Can a judgment be easily recovered from a commercial entity?

Yes, but it involves working with seasoned professionals to properly go about recovering a judgment against a commercial entity. Commercial entities are protected by massive legal teams whose only job is to protect them from court judgments. Once a judgment is rendered, these legal teams will continue to resist as long as legally possible, and in some cases, will go past the deadline of the judgment in hopes you will drop the matter in fear of repercussions. Luckily, there are companies just as large ready to help you get the money you are owed from any commercial entity.

How do I recover a Commercial Judgment?

If you have received a judgment against a commercial entity, the best way to collect is to obtain a writ of execution and use it against the commercial entity’s accounts until you are whole. There are services online that will help you obtain a writ, and it is easier than you think. After receiving a judgment from the court, you can simply go online and use investigatory services to obtain the necessary financial information the court requires for a writ of execution. Once obtained, serve the writ of execution to the financial institution of the commercial entity, and they will give you the entirety of the owed amount.

Does it cost money to recover a Commercial Judgment?

Unfortunately, yes. The courts don’t have a magic wand they can wave and transfer money and assets to the proper people. They leave this duty up to you and there are quite a lot of middlemen that will gladly help you collect a commercial judgment for a large percentage of the found sum. This can lead to large diminishing returns where by hiring a collection agency or debt collector, you are effectively wiping out the amount of money gained from the judgment. Avoid these individuals because there are other paths to recovering commercial judgments.

After winning a judgment against a commercial entity, make them pay if they miss the deadline by using a writ of execution against their bank accounts. They can’t stop you from getting what is legally yours, and the financial institute will honor a writ of execution as a court order. If your money or assets are in any of the commercial entities accounts, use Writ Ready to find the information you need to obtain your writ of execution.