Brokerage Account Search

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Judgment debtors will hide their assets from court orders in as many creative ways as possible. Some will buy expensive cars in other people’s names, while others will spread their assets across the nation in as many accounts as possible. One of the most creative ways judgment debtors hide money is through Brokerage Accounts. If you have received a judgment from the courts, and you believe your judgment debtor is hiding money in a Brokerage Account, use a Brokerage Account Search from Writ Ready. Save yourself time, money, and stress by getting the right information for your writ of execution.

How do i search for someone’s Brokerage account?

Search for someone’s brokerage account by using a Nationwide Brokerage Account search from Writ Ready. In the past, hiring a private investigator, collection agency, or debt collector would be the answer to finding a judgment debtor’s brokerage account. Now, online services like Writ Ready can provide the same results for a fraction of the cost. If you are comparing online services, make sure to look up the accuracy rating of the company before using their services. It is important because many fly by night operations will hide their true accuracy rating in the subtext of their contracts. If they are promising a 50% hit rate with a no refund policy, run away. Go with a company like Writ Ready that offers 100% accuracy guarantee and has a refund policy.

Is it difficult to search for Brokerage account information?

A Brokerage Search is not difficult for experienced professionals who perform these types of searches on a regular basis. A regular person can’t just go searching for Brokerage Account Information because it is restricted for specific eyes only. Thus giving the illusion that it is extremely difficult to obtain Brokerage Account Information. Do not give up hope. There are services online that can track down Brokerage Account Information for your court ordered judgments.

How much does it cost to perform a Brokerage Account Search?

A Nationwide Brokerage Search costs $495. We guarantee the accuracy of our search results and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time. A $95 fee is retained if there is no active accounts under a subject’s name and SSN. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Nationwide Brokerage Searches, contact our friendly customer support staff. The cost of a Brokerage Account Search is pennies compared to using a debt collector or collection agency. The reason is that these companies will take a percentage of the total amount recovered. This could easily top thousands of dollars. Why pay them when you can get the same information for pennies on the dollar? The answer is don’t use their services. Get the information you need with Writ Ready.

Dealing with a judgment debtor who ignores a court ordered deadline is difficult, but dealing with a judgment debtor who is actively hiding their assets is even more difficult. The best way to stop a judgment debtor from hiding their assets is to find the accounts where the assets are stored and take what is yours with a writ of execution. Luckily, online investigatory services are available from sites like Writ Ready that give you the power to search Statewide, and Nationwide, for Bank accounts and Brokerage accounts.