Bank Account Locate Compliance Laws

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Breaking the law to find bank account information is not worth the cost. In the past, breaking the law to find bank account information of your judgment debtor was a feasible option because information technology was archaic and ineffective. Information technology has advanced to a point where service providers can easily track down the necessary information without breaking the law. Avoid breaking the law while attempting to locate bank account information by using services like Writ Ready that follow bank account locate compliance laws.

What are the Compliance Laws regarding Bank Account Locates?

We conduct our bank searches in compliance with the provisions of the law, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It is not in our interest to perform illegal bank account locates because there are easier, legal means to find the information necessary for a writ of execution. The professionals at Writ Ready have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to following the law and will continue to do so with all our investigative services.

Are there legal ramifications if I locate the financial information of a judgment debtor illegally?

Absolutely. If you are caught snooping around your judgment debtor’s home or business illegally, you will suffer legal ramifications. The court does not condone any illegal behavior in order to retrieve bank account/financial information of a judgment debtor. There are legal options for obtaining the bank account/financial information necessary to file a writ of execution against your judgment debtor. You can get the money you are owed without resorting to illegal options.

How do I stay compliant while locating a judgment debtor’s bank account information to fulfill a writ of execution?

Make sure the investigative service provider you are using is on the up and up. If there is little to no business information regarding their services, avoid them. If they appear on a craigslist ad saying they have the means and methods to find the information but do not explain their means and methods, avoid them. In this digital world, it is easy to be transparent with your business practices. Do not get fooled into using an illegal service provider to find your judgment debtor’s bank account information. The consequences are not worth the risk and it is just as easy to legally obtain the necessary information from Writ Ready.

Make sure you use an investigative service that is compliant with bank account locate laws. If you do not, the information gained may be thrown out and you will suffer legal penalties for using illegal means to gain the information. Make sure to research the company finding the bank account information for your writ of execution. If the information is wrong or fraudulent, you will suffer the penalties, not the company that provided you the information. Get back to your life and get back the money you are owed by using Writ Ready to locate your judgment debtor’s bank/financial account information.