Bank Account Asset Search

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Money is not the only thing that can be levied after a judgment has been made against a judgment debtor. Assets can be seized and ownership granted to the rightful owner if the courts make a judgment in your favor. Once the courts have made their judgment, how do you go about gaining ownership of assets that your judgment debtor possesses? Simple, perform a bank account asset search with Writ Ready. When you have obtained the proper information, bring it back to the courts to file a writ of execution and the courts will allow you to levy the banking/financial institution for ownership of said assets. Then you can get law enforcement involved to reclaim the assets and hopefully be done with the judgment debtor forever. The stress, time, and money involved recovering what is rightfully yours is not a difficult task when you are working with experienced professionals.

What is a Bank Account Asset Search?

Judgment debtors will often hide money in assets and claim they do not have money to pay court ordered judgments. However, assets are valued into net worth just as much as money and courts allow you to pursue owed debts from your judgment debtor. This means that assets are free game if the judgment debtor’s bank account is empty, and it also means you will have to search the banking institution for ownership of said asset before obtaining a writ of execution. A bank account asset search will help track down the ownership of a judgment debtor’s asset in order to transfer ownership to you.

How do I perform a Bank Account Asset Search?

You can perform a bank account asset search by using the professionals at Writ Ready. We have the experience, training, and tools necessary to find your judgment debtor’s assets wherever they may have hidden them. Our nationwide bank account asset searches have no rival on the investigatory service market.

Who offers Bank Account Asset Searches?

The professionals at Writ Ready offer bank account asset searches. If you need to find bank account asset information regarding your judgment debtor, look no further than Writ Ready. Our team has been doing this for years and have the ability to find the information in a much faster manner than debt collectors or collection agencies. These service providers belong in the past because modern techniques allow for bank accounts to be levied without hassling the judgment debtor.

Don’t go looking around your judgment debtor’s properties in search of claimable assets after you have won your judgment. Use the professionals at Writ Ready to perform a bank account asset search to find the information necessary to file a writ of execution and get the assets that are rightfully yours. Obtaining legal ownership of a judgment debtor’s assets is not as difficult and painful as one might imagine. As long as you follow proper procedure, repossessing assets from a judgment debtor can be a smooth process.