Asset Search for Judgment Collection

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Winning a judgment and collecting a judgment are not the same thing. When a court judges in your favor, they give you the legal ability to claim assets owed to you if your judgment debtor ignores the court order to surrender said assets. The true legal language is confusing and will leave any individual lost, but don’t worry because there are professionals online to help. The courts will suggest using debt collectors, collection agencies, or private investigators to get the assets you are owed, but the best option is to get a writ of execution. The best way to get a writ of execution is obtaining the necessary asset ownership information through an asset search.

When it comes time to collect my judgment, what type of assets are up for grabs?

All assets are up for grabs when it comes to settling a court ordered judgment. You will have to bring these assets up to the court at the time of trial, but if you have discussed things with the court, then everything is on the table for compensation. Make sure to fully investigate your judgment debtor to see if they are hiding assets in multiple forms. Judgment debtors are known to use out of state bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and other types of financial tricks to hide money from their creditors. Do not worry if you believe your judgment debtor is hiding assets because there are ways to find them.

What assets should I be searching for after receiving a Judgment?

Anything that could go towards satisfying the received judgment. This can include automobiles, real estate, brokerage accounts, out of state accounts, and similar types of assets. The reason you start looking for these assets after receiving a judgment is because judgment debtors are notorious for hiding their money by turning it into assets they assume they can hide from their creditors. Since the court is not in charge of collection, it is up to you to find and point out if your judgment debtor is purposefully hiding assets they owe. If you do not search for these assets, your judgment debtor can continue to skirt the court order with no recourse on their, or your, finances.

How do I search for my Judgment Debtor’s Assets?

By performing any number of searches with companies like Writ Ready. If you suspect they are hiding their assets across the nation, we will be able to help you find them. We work with you to figure out the best possible search for your situation and will gladly help you find the necessary information needed to file a writ of execution on your judgment debtor’s assets. Do not let them hide what you are owed.

Find the assets because your judgment debtor will attempt to hide them if they have already ignored a court order and deadline. It is common for judgment debtors to be deadbeats who will attempt everything they can to steal, cheat, and lie. Go over their heads and get the money and assets you are owed by performing an asset search from Writ Ready. We will help you locate the information you need to file a writ of execution and get the assets you are owed.