A Money Judgment is USELESS Without a Writ!

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Yes, you spent time and money obtaining a court order (judgment) against a person or business that owes you money. However, the judgment is useless by itself. You must file a Writ (which is short for “writ of execution”) within the county and state where the judgment has been awarded. Filing a writ requires a small court cost that includes filing fee and a fee to have the writ of execution properly served on the bank or employer (these are all recoverable court costs available to you). WritReady does not file these form for you, this is a requirement of you, the judgment creditor to file and process.

It is a very common and easy process, most forms are available on-line from the county and state where the judgment has been awarded. You, the judgment creditor, has all the information necessary to complete the forms from the judgment. WritReady is your partner in completing the most important part of the form; Employer Information, including name & address to where the Writ of Execution must be served for wage garnishment, and/or, the Financial Institution’s name & address where the judgment debtor has bank accounts, allowing the court to serve the Writ that will immediately freeze all available funds to satisfy your judgment amount. Once frozen, the account will be levied for all monies available (in all accounts found at the bank) and released to the judgment creditor.

Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get the money you are owed. Leave it to the professionals at WritReady to locate the information you need for your court judgment. There is no quicker way to fulfill your court judgment than to use the experts from WritReady. The real advantage of using our services is that you get to keep 100% of the judgment for yourself. You will not have to split any percentage that would otherwise go to collection agencies or debt collectors.